Spring afternoons are spent playing hopscotch these days. The little girl has used nearly all her chalk sticks - which she received as part of her birthday gift, earlier in the year.

Over the road, amid a shrubbery of pink roses, is Number 14. This is where Rosie lives, the little girl’s best friend.

Today, Rosie has come out to play as well - which is a treat because Rosie’s mum has recently become very strict.

The little girl waves at her bestie. Rosie smiles back (she recently lost her front baby tooth and looks especially cute).

I miss you!” shrieks the little girl. “Can’t wait to give you best friend hugs again!”.

Without any warning, Rosie excitedly throws a small transparent bag to her friend. The little girl catches it with both her hands. It contains raw carrot sticks.

That’s my lunch time snack!” shouts Rosie. “You can keep them!

But why?” asks the little girl.

Because they’re small and they’re the colour of joy. They will remind you of me!

The little girl bursts into fits of giggles. How wonderfully peculiar her best friend is.

Rosie continues, “Now every time you see carrots, you’ll think of our friendship! Until I can give you best friend hugs again!

It is later in the evening, and the little girl’s mum is dishing up dessert. A gleaming bowlful of gajar ka halwa. The little girl stares at it for a few moments, before even lifting her spoon.

What’s wrong?” Her mum asks. “Would you like me to warm it up for you?

It already is” Rosie replies, smiling.


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