Can you hear the calls of weary street food vendors, who despite their tiredness, want to serve you bowls full of chaat, or choley, or crispy deep-fried snacks?  

If you pay attention, you might smell the aromas of cardamom and fresh cinnamon sticks from the local chai walas.

They have likened tea brewing to an art; and they won’t rest until you sip on a glass of freshly poured chai - while leaving all the day’s troubles behind.

There is colour and boisterous conversation at every corner - and this is the vivacity of Delhi!

Brace yourselves, (and keep an umbrella at hand, if you can) as Indico Bazaar showers you with the loveliness of North India, in your own home.

You will adore the stories, the flavours, and the humble souls that Delhi’s street food culture is forged upon.

Namaste. Welcome to our world.

Our Story

From the streets of North India, to our colourful restaurants, and now into the comfort of your home...

It started on the rickety-rackety streets of North India. Amid the bustle of busy chaiwalas, and street food vendors, plating-up mountains of something crispy.

Our Full Story

Create Moments of Culinary Joy in the Comfort of Your Own Home

No matter how busy life becomes, you deserve to enjoy wholesome Indian cooking that’s prepared with the finest spices and flavours.

At Indico, we’re obsessed with satisfying appetites and bringing people together with simple and deliciously authentic food. In fact, it’s the very philosophy that Indian culture is built on.

Our spice blends make it easy for time-poor families, working professionals, and adventurous foodies to escape to lively Punjab. You’ll skip the hassle of grounding spices (which is usually a must for all Indian cooking) and get right to the fun parts, such as adding whole ingredients and watching your culinary masterpieces come to life!

Gone are the days of setting aside two hours for the perfectly cooked North Indian curry. Indico’s spice blends cut your meal prep time in half, while still giving you the satisfaction of a delicious, home-cooked meal.

Now that’s the perfect marriage between comfort and convenience.

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You’ve Made the Right Choice with Indico Bazaar

Uncompromising Quality

We pay tribute to the streets of North India with the highest quality ingredients, spices and age-old preparation methods. No compromises here.

Plentiful Choice

Are you a ravenous meat-eater or a mindful veggie? Our choice of spice blends offer something for every palate. You can use them to cook delicious meat curries and meat-based rice dishes, or easily replace with vegetables instead. The spice blends can be used as they are for milder spice levels, or you can really up-the-ante by adding extra chillies.

Complements from Indico

Indian cooking has a reputation for being complicated and time-consuming. We’ve done a lot of the hard work for you by providing the spice blends, that will act as ‘the base’ of your dishes. The instructions are easy to follow even if you’re a complete novice, and the measurements don’t require any extra ‘tools’ or expensive kitchen gadgets.

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