Though she is forever grateful for the scribbles against her to-do list, making deadlines - and making dinner - is no easy feat.

The apartment has become an indoor playground. And it no longer has walls! But piles of laundry - that seem to multiply when she sleeps.

There is not enough black coffee nor positive affirmations that can gift peace to her tired eyes. She wonders if she can nod off for just five minutes. Her children have been calling her “Superwoman” while at home. But surely Superwoman is allowed to take naps, too?

As she gulps the last of her cold, black coffee, her husband walks into the room. He is carrying a steel food tray, and his Man Utd t-shirt looks as if it’s been dipped  into a pool of curry sauce.

Not another mess that I have to clean up.

She grinds her teeth.

Her husband brushes some important paperwork aside, to make space on the coffee table. He places a plate and a single fork in front of his wife. He has clearly not done this before.

I cooked dinner”. He says.

The most topsy-turvy looking naan bread is served alongside a curry.

I deliberately made it look like the shape of a heart, see? Erm, it’s supposed to be this way”.

Laughter, that is somewhat tired; but mostly filled with love, carries the couple through the rest of the evening.

That, and the most beautifully lopsided naan bread, the world will have ever seen.

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