Chaat Masala
Chaat Masala
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Chaat Masala

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Easily liven up your sweet, savoury and fruit dishes with our Chaat Masala - sprinkle over your favourite snacks or blend into your meals, for a Punjabi punch.

Spice Blend for Chaat Masala

You’ll Need: 1 1/2 potato per desired serving, oil or ghee as preferred, 2 teaspoons lemon juice.


Recipe for Aloo Chaat: Peel and chop the potatoes in cubes, fry in the oil/ ghee on low heat till tender. Strain the potatoes and transfer into a clean bowl. Add the Chaat Masala and lemon juice and serve hot. You may wish you add a dollop of yoghurt and red chilli powder on top for extra flavour.


To Make Fruit Chaat:

Take 1 cup of mixed fruits per desired serving and mix with Chaat Masala and lemon juice.

The Chaat Masala is also delicious when sprinkled over nuts, salads, and grilled meats.



Salt, Dry Mango, Black Salt, Cumin, Muskmelon, Black Pepper, Coriander, Mint Leaves, Dry Ginger, Nutmeg, Yellow Chilli, Caraway, Bishop Weeds, Cloves, Asafoetida.


Allergen Advice :

May Contain Traces of Mustard.

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